Several pre-Saharan oases are traversed, including Sijilmassa in the Drâa Valley of Morocco, before continuing towards Touat in Algeria. The destination, Timimoun, situated at the intersection of the Marrakech-Timbuktu and Tunisia-Souss caravan routes, served as a significant caravan crossroads for over a millennium. Upon arrival, a stop is made at a Kasbah, one of the fortified houses with four towers characteristic of the oases. There is an opportunity to observe the craftsmanship of goldsmiths of Jewish origin and to familiarize with the artisanal techniques utilizing local materials such as earth, wood, and palm fibers.

Roundhead in stone: owl Air, Niger
Roundhead in stone: owl Air, Niger
Zoomorphic (feline) pestle. In bas-relief on the base are two figures, female on one side and male on the other. Air, Niger
Roundhead in stone: anthropomorphic female figure Air, Niger
Large container for liquid Mambila, Cameroon-Nigeria border
Embroidered boubou in natural silk from the Kano region Yoruba, Niger
Back of the same boubou Yoruba, Niger